Contact times with minor children

Although contact times depend on circumstances and the Family Advocate has made these recommendations


Age of child Frequency and duration Overnight Vacation in time without contact with primary parent
0 – 6 months Longer periods if contact is regular. If weekly, three hours per visit. Shorter, more frequent periods of contact are suggested, 2 to 3 times per week No No
7 – 19 months The same as for 0 – 6 months No Not really
18 – 36 months Weekly contact. If during weekends, a portion of one or both days. Long weekend visits are not recommended. Acceptable for three-year-olds Possibly acceptable for three-year-olds Possibly. Many factors. One week or less for older children in this age group
3 – 5 years Predictable contact is important. Weekly time, if possible. Full weekends or two other days and nights at this stage Yes, usually Yes. Possibly longer than a week for younger children. Higher limits of two weeks for older children
6 – 12 years The same as above where an additional overnight is applicable for this age Yes Yes. Two weeks or longer. It is possible to exchange the primary residence during holidays with reversed time sharing for the stage
Adolescence  Focus should be on the needs of the teenager while parental responsibility and supervision is maintained Yes. Optional Yes. Increased sensitivity regarding activities and schedules for this group (work, organised sport, etc)


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